________ Runs Out

I’ve seen a lot of sayings going around about Love Runs Out, changing “Love” to another word. Let’s play a game! Fill in the blank with a different word. Let’s see what you all come up with. :)

teamcousins asked:
Lately I've been talking to my sister and I just throw in 1R song titles in. "Oh, is that what you wanted"

Ahaha, I love this. I do the same thing… But I go all out; I use song titles, lyrics, album names, inside band jokes, ect. It becomes insanely fun when you have a friend that knows what’s up, and you talk like that in public. It’s like speaking another language, and people think you’ve lost it.

jamjam0623 asked:

I am not sure what this means (in context to the current moment) tumblr isn’t telling me when I get messages so I have accidentally been ignoring people for a while, but I like it.